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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Jonathan Peaden West Florida Soccer Club 07-08 Boys 2019
Bryson Manuel 04B Louisiana Fire Navy 2022
Jordan Ables BFC 02 Boys Elite 2021
Rylee Kilian GCT 05 Boys Goalie2023
Morgan Shelton Bayside Dynamo 05B Midfield2023
Connor May BFC 02 Boys Elite 2021
James Howie Eldridge Southern States Soccer Academy B04 Premier Forward2023
Henry Durkin GULFSOUTH SC 05 Blue 2018
Jeffrey Sarkady BFC 02 Boys Elite Forward2021
Thomas Ardoin GBFA BREAKERS '07 Boys 2020
Jackson Vella West Mobile Red Bulls 07/06 Boys Goalie2023
Dylan Rothe GCT 05 Boys 2023
Riley Wisniakowski GCT 05 Boys 2023
Garrett Brown GCT 05 Boys 2023
Alex Barrera GCT 05 Boys 2023
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